Snacks and

Exotic Cooking

Here at Amaizin we travel the globe, working with the finest local producers, to create our delicious, organic snacks and exotic meal ingredients. Our products are inspired by local recipes, from Mexico to Sri Lanka, and everything in between. And you can taste that!

Amaizin Tex Mex


The Tex Mex cuisine originates from Mexico and was influenced by the Spanish colonists and the North American Texan kitchen. Tex Mex is increasingly popular and Amaizin offers a range of delicious products, introducing taco shells, two seasoning mixes, jalapeno peppers and two taco sauces. With these products you can create your own Mexican fiesta!

Amaizin organic tex mex products



Fancy getting started in your kitchen with Amaizin ingredients? We are happy to give you recipes for new dishes from different cuisines and recipes for all time favourites.